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Bankruptcy Fees: How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

The Cost of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For most Chapter 13 cases, we charge $1,500 plus court costs to file your case.  This amount itself can be paid on a payment plan.  Through the course of your case--which is a partial repayment of debt that lasts between 3 - 5 years, we get additional fees that come from your payment.  These additional fees from your court payment, and although the amount depends on the case, they come from money that you would pay anyway to the court and your creditors.  In other words, our fees during the case reduce your creditors' share of money.

We only charge a portion of our fees upfront, making it easier to file Chapter 13 with us because we specialize in bankruptcy and are always doing many Chapter 13 cases. 

The Cost of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Fees vary for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases from very low to high.  This is because there is a wide range of difficulty in Chapter 7 cases.  However, if you are a "simple" case--one that involves relatively low debt, no complicated income or asset situations, you will usually pay a low fee with us.  However, we will need to hear from you before giving you a quote on your case.

Payment Plans and Taking the Heat Off:

You can pay our fees over time.  Ask us about our no-interest payment plans.   

Once you become a client and are on a payment plan with us, we give you a special number to give out if your creditors call you before your case is filed.  This allows you to reduce the heat and get a little peace of mind while going through the pre-filing bankruptcy process.  Payment plans are optional, but some people benefit from them.

Next Steps:

You can give us a call at 617-338-9400 or submit this form if you want to get a free consultation and fee quote for your case.

Business Bankruptcy Fees:

As you might imagine, the fees for business bankruptcies are higher than for consumer bankruptcy, but these fees are often paid out of business assets that would otherwise go to creditors.  Clients are usually billed in business cases on an hourly basis, but we will also often enter into flat fee arrangements.  For a simple business case, our fees are often not much more than in a consumer case. Give us a call and we will discuss it with you.







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